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2 Ways You Can Ensure You Get That Internal Promotion

Many mistakes are made by middle managers when they are applying for an internal position. In fact, most don’t realize that they are at a distinct disadvantage. And thus, they are less likely to get the job.

Instead, most senior managers prefer to hire someone from outside of the company. They see hiring someone new as an advantage, and this sways their final decision a lot of the times.

If you are looking to develop your corporate development career path you need to change the way you are applying for internal positions. You can no longer sit back and expect the job. You will need to address your behavior, your past achievements and make sure your resume for internal promotion is top notch.

You are going to have to address two key issues which are continuing to hold you back time and time again.


1. Make Your Weaknesses Work For You

One advantage a new person has over you is that their weaknesses are not known. They present a great looking resume full of high standards, cleverly worded responses, and glowing references. It is unlikely that they mention their weaknesses with complete honesty. And, who can blame them? The competition is tough and there is probably a lot of other suitable candidates vying for the position, right?

You’ve worked for the company for a long time and your bosses know you well. They know how great you are in some areas, and what skills you bring to the table. They understand all this, and know you are keen to be promoted.

However, they also know your weaknesses. So, what can you do about them?

You can do the following during the interview process, but I would suggest that you start now in meetings and around the office water cooler.

Start being open about the mistakes you have made. Tell your colleagues and your boss that you won’t make the mistakes again, and then show them. Prove that you can learn from your mistakes and make amends. Show them that you have the best interest of the company at heart, and that you are a focused team player.

Also acknowledge that there are areas which you need to improve on. Talk about your desire to go back to study. Ask questions about areas of the company that you don’t know about. Again, showing that you have a vested interest in how the company is run will put you at an advantage come promotion time.

And, of course don’t just talk about it – do it. If you are not sure what to do, for example, ask your boss for advice. They might have ideas you haven’t thought of, and which will help put you at a real advantage.


2. Make Sure You Keep Your Eyes on the Prize at all Times!

I can’t emphasize this enough. You must always work hard at getting the promotion you desire regardless of what you have been told. Here, let me explain.

Let’s say your boss has assured you that you are a shoe-in for the promotion. You have it in the bag, and the job is yours. Due to protocol or some other reason, you are told that other candidates have to be interviewed, and these include people from outside the company.

You hear this and you stop working because you think the job is yours. If you do this you may be very disappointed when someone who doesn’t know anything about the company and is from outside is promoted over you.

So here is what you have to do. Make sure that you never lose sight of the prize. That is, the promotion you want and deserve. Always work hard towards addressing the ideas raised in Point 1 – your weaknesses.

Make sure your skills are up to date and your resume is prepared thoroughly. In fact, you should prepare your resume as if you were applying for a position at a new company. This will give it an edge that will appeal to your seniors.


On Reflection

One of the biggest failures managers make when they are competing with an external candidate for an internal promotion is that they become complacent. They think the job should be theirs or they are told it is, and then they stop working hard towards getting it.

If you want that promotion you are going to have to work as hard as an external candidate, and probably harder. Your bosses know the great work you do already, all you have to do now is show them that you have the skills and determination to go beyond where you are now and perform at a senior position.


Good luck!


And always remember:


Great managers are made. Not born.

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