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It’s not always about making time

As leaders, we’ve encountered this anomaly repeatedly: 


When I have little time, I get a lot done, but when I have a lot of time, I get less done. 


Why is this?


The time management professionals out there can definitely answer this question from their perspective, but I’d like to offer a mindset point of view. 


Briefly, the more our mind has room to handle a task, the quicker we’ll get things done. The more our mind is filled with other things, the slower we’ll get things done. So, all we need to do is to clean out our minds, right?


Well, it’s not that easy. If we cleaned out our minds totally, we wouldn’t have any resources to complete our tasks. We need positive mental energy in our minds to get things done. On the other hand, minds filled with negative mental energy keep us stuck.


So the next time you’re contemplating a task, check which of my formulas below best fits your situation.


1. Plenty of chronological time + Negative mental energy = No time (try again later)


2. Plenty of chronological time + Positive mental energy = You’ve got time (go for it now)


3. Short on chronological time + Positive mental energy = You’ve got time (go for it now)

You’ve probably noticed that based on (1) and (3), there’s no real connection between chronological time and the time we need to get things done. It’s a matter of mental energy.


So the next time you’re blaming yourself for being less productive than  you should, consider your mental energy level. Is it up to task?


Good luck.


And always remember: 


Great managers are made. Not born.


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