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Using the Holiday Season to Realign and Achieve Your Career Goals

This is the time of year, we focus more on family and loved ones than our career. After all, it’s not called the holiday season for nothing. In truth, spending time with our family helps us see the bigger picture of what we want and where we see ourselves in the future. It is also a great time to begin to reflect and learn how to measure success at work.

Sure, you have had a good year. You kept your team on track and fulfilled the requirements of each project presented to you. But is this enough? Are you where you thought you would be this time last year? What can you do now that will influence where you will be in one year’s time? Do you know how to measure success at work and get that promotion you deserve?


Embrace What Might Seem Impossible

Nearly all of the wonderful inventions we rely on today started as dreams. Scientists dreamed of curing diseases, Inventors dreamed of cleaner ways of running cars, and peace-makers dreamed of a world without war. 

What dreams do you have for your career? Daring to dream is very liberating, and allows us to begin to think “outside the box”, and to transcend the normal borders of our imagination.

If you dream of being promoted to a senior position and owning the corner office it might seem impossible now, but is it? If every idea that was once a dream was ignored where would the world be now? We’d still be reading by candle-light or waiting for news from a loved one to come via a written note or a telegram. 

Remember, if you don’t have a dream you can make it come true. Allow yourself the freedom this holiday period to dream a little. It may take you to new and exciting heights.


Make Your Dreams a Reality

So, now that your dreams are present it is time to make them a reality. You can do this by visualizing your success. Dreaming is one thing, but envisioning those ideas into a reality will help them come true. It will make the impossible seem real. In truth, if you can visualize something you can accomplish it.

Begin by visualizing yourself in a senior position. What does it look like? Where is your desk? What’s the view outside your window? Then visualize yourself in different situations in your new job. What’s it like to run a staff meeting? Give an important presentation? Determine a budget? The more you visualize, the sharper and more detailed the images will become.

Incorporate your other senses too. Visualizing is not just about what you can see. What would you hear as a senior manager? What would sitting in that corner office feel like? How good would your coffee or tea taste now that you have made your dreams a reality?


Write Down Your Dreams

Do yourself a favor and buy a beautiful notebook or journal. Make sure you get just the right one for you so take your time when purchasing it. Why? Because now is the time to turn your dream into goals, and then reality.

When we put our dream job into words, we make it concrete so that we can set the goals needed to turn it into reality. You need to write down what exactly is your dream job. When do you want to begin it? And, what are some of the major steps you’ll need to accomplish before that job is yours?

You might need to do some retraining or upskilling. When and where can these be done? What other skills can you add to your repertoire to ensure that promotion is yours?


Start Planning Your Future Career Success

As the New Year looms ahead of you, now is the time to begin planning your future career. Start realizing your dream as you begin this new career path of yours.

Make time to create a detailed plan. This should include a breakdown of your overall dream job goal into smaller, more manageable “mini-goals.” And, a rough due date by which each of these mini-goals should be achieved. 

Remain focused on your dreams, and don’t let life or disappointments stop you from achieving them. Those who are really successful don’t have backup plans. Instead, they keep their eyes on the ball and never waiver from their ultimate plan to make their dreams a reality.


I’d like to wish you a very joyous holiday season, filled with love, happiness, and peace for all. 


Best wishes



P.S. And don’t forget.

Great managers are made. Not born.

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