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Are You An Entrepreneur? Then it’s Time to Curtail Those Ideas

Every office and every company needs at least one good Entrepreneur. These are the people who come up with new and inspirational ideas. They are passionate and innovative about what they do. They seem to have their corporate development career path set out clearly in front of them – or do they?

Entrepreneurs are always busy working out new and interesting solutions to challenges faced within the company. They help move the company forward, taking someone else’s ideas and generating interesting projects in the blink of an eye.

Entrepreneurs are naturally admired and valued. The minute they embark on their corporate development career path, they are constantly busy figuring out ways for their company to innovate and expand. And they excitedly jump into new areas, taking their teams on journeys to novel and exciting levels.

Being an Entrepreneur is a gift, and all of those ‘out of the box’ solutions generate an exciting and unique working environment for everyone in the office. 

Are you the Entrepreneur in your office? Are you the one who comes up with new and exciting ideas, which lead the company towards a greater profit line?

If you identify as being the Entrepreneur there is no doubt that you have already experienced success in your career. You may have been quickly promoted over others at a young age, and you are perhaps the go-to person when it comes to solving tricky aspects of projects or ventures.

Other time, however, you may have noticed that your career has stalled. You may have applied for several promotions inside your company and been disappointed because you didn’t get them.

You may also be confused as to why. You are hardworking and dedicated. You know the company inside and out, and have proven experience that should suit a senior manager’s position. Or do you?

One thing that Entrepreneurs are not good at is dealing with the practical day to day tasks. Many Entrepreneurs have failed to learn about the less creative sides of management. They are not good at understanding the approval processes, budget allocations, and resource development, for example. They are great at coming up with ideas, but not actioning them through to a successful conclusion. As well, many of the ideas generated weren’t successful because they weren’t practical, and yet after years in the position the Entrepreneur hasn’t recognized that.


Without a thorough understanding of this less glamorous side of office procedures an Entrepreneur simply can’t get ahead and advance their career.


So, what can you do?

Ensure that you spend an hour or two each day following through your ideas and creative plans. Create a flowchart or Excel doc that helps you keep on track. One which identifies each step of the creative process from the first idea right through to when the project is completed. Make sure each step is dated too. This will give you a clear understanding of how long the process takes. Also, make sure you note who else was involved so you know who to work with in the future.

As well, learn more about the administrative side of your managerial role. If your creative ideas need funding, for example, find out how that process takes place. Who is involved and why some projects are a success and others are not.

Being a well-rounded Entrepreneur is going to help your career to succeed and grow. You are going to gain more knowledge and experience, and these will be seen in a positive light when you do apply for that next promotion.

Being an Entrepreneur is a valuable gift that only you fully understand. Your bosses need you to always be at your creative best. They also need you to demonstrate your capabilities and learn each and every aspect of the job. Stepping outside your comfort zone and doing things that might seem mundane or even boring may not seem like fun in the short term, but they will pay off and you will soon find yourself climbing the corporate ladder.


And always remember:

Great managers are made. Not born.

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