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Changing Your Mind Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Career Success

To understand how to get that promotion you want so badly, and you deserve, you are going to have to learn that changing your mind might be the best way to advance your career. Let’s face it, the factors affecting career development are many and varied, and because you are dedicated to your own success it is imperative that you understand this.

In truth, you must know what success looks like. Once you have a clear idea you can compare your current situation and see if it is a good match. When setting down the factors affecting career development make a list of what you want.
Do you want to earn more money? Well, that’s a no brainer! Do you want greater prestige? Who doesn’t! Do you want better benefits for yourself and your family? Of course you do! And would you like to make a greater impact on the company’s bottom line? That’s a given too.

So, now that you know what you want it is important to define these factors in order of their importance to you; and not anyone else. Sit back now and close your eyes. Visualize what your future looks like once you have achieved your present day goals. 
When you begin to ‘see’ what a successful career looks like, you can objectively look at the options you have in front of you now. This will help you see the choices in a much clearer light. Some will seem positive, and others not. Many may be in doubt for the time being, and that’s okay too.

Once you understand what success means to you and what your future will look like you have to start making decisions. Some of these may mean you will have to change your mind.

Now, look around at your company and be honest with yourself. Is this the place that you visualized? Can the company you work for now really help you achieve your future goals? Is this the place where your dreams are likely to be realized?
The answer these questions might be ‘no’, but you made a decision to work at this company for whatever reason and you don’t want to change your mind.

You are proud of your high level of commitment and dedication, and so you should be. Changing your mind and going back on your decisions doesn’t seem right, or does it?
However, you’ve been at this company for a few years, and you are still stuck in the same position. Regardless of your dedication and commitment to your career you still haven’t got the promotion you wanted. So the big question is, if you were offered an opportunity at another company would you try your luck?
Did you know that science doesn’t agree with you? Does that surprise you? The statistics say you’re more likely to find success at a new job rather than staying in the one place. 

If you sit back and think you’ve made your decisions and you have to stick to it, then you are making the wrong decision, and here’s why.
You really don’t know what the right answer is and this can be scary. However, if you decide to change your mind and make the leap you may find it is the best thing for your career.

In this case, it is not a good idea to go with your gut instinct. I know that’s what we are told over and over again, but if your instinct is telling you to stay put, then it could be doing you a major disservice. 

But switching is hard, isn’t it? How will you know you are making the right choice? It hurts less when you change your mind and get it wrong than it does when you stick to your guns and get it wrong, trust me.

This is because changing your mind and getting it wrong leads to more of a funny thing called “counterfactual thinking.” When you don’t do anything and still everything goes wrong you end up beating yourself up for not trying and making the change. You will certainly be angry with yourself for not showing the initiative needed to further your career.

Sure others you leave behind will get promoted, but if you decide what success looks like for you and you realize that it’s not going to happen where you are now, then it is time to change those decisions and take a leap of faith in yourself.


And always remember: 

Great managers are made. Not born.

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