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5 ways a mid-level managers can develop their own corporate career path

Have you been in the same mid-level management job for five years and are you keen to further your corporate development career path?


Are you finding that your friends and colleagues are being promoted over you and are leaving your behind?


It is not uncommon for mid-level managers to become stuck in their career.


If this is you, or you don’t want it to be you, you need to understand what is happening and why you are stuck in your career.


You also need to understand what you can do right now for your own corporate development career path to succeed.

1.  The time for excuses is over – Start acting like a senior manager today.


As your skills grew and you notched up some achievements, your company recognized your talents and celebrated your successes. You were promoted to the position you are in now due to this.


However, those in senior positions above you also knew and recognized your flaws. These were tolerated because they knew you would be able to work on them and, hopefully, overcome them.


It’s time now to rid yourself of those problems and rise up and be what it takes to become a senior manager.


In today’s competitive world, candidates for senior positions are scrutinized thoroughly. Those in your company above you do not have the time to compensate for your flaws. There is no room for compromise.


So, to further your corporate development career path, rid yourself of these flaws and ensure you have the qualities, the skills and the drive to be a senior manager.


2.  The rules have changed – Are you keeping up with them?


You are where you are today because you have great skills in your chosen profession.


Your corporate development career path blossomed to this point, but now without you knowing the rules have changed.


What defined a professional all those years ago, doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing today.


You need to be more than just good at your job. You need to be skilled in more areas of office and human resource management.


These new managerial skills need to be added to your portfolio and you need to demonstrate them clearly to seniors in your company.


Prove to them that you deserve to be promoted to a senior position and that you have what it takes.


3.  Be proactive and shape your corporate career along the path you want


While you are dedicated and striving to do your job to the best of your ability, you need to keep in mind that success is not going to be granted to those who wait.


You’ve been promoted in the past, but there is no guarantee it is going to happen again – well, not unless you make sure it does.


There are a myriad of ways you can shape your corporate development career path.


You can actively seek new clients and show true leadership to junior employees.


You can trim costs down and create a healthier budget. You could also find new ways to share information within your company.


If you want new opportunities, it is up to you – and, you alone.


It’s easy to slip into a comfortable place, but this is not the place from which promotions are granted.


If you are proactive you will be able to develop your corporate development career path along the path you desire.


4.  What makes you stand out from your competitors?


There are a lot of other people waiting for those top positions.


If you’ve sat and wondered why others were promoted over you, then you haven’t understood what they have done differently from you in the past.


They made sure they stood out from others and took advantage of opportunities when they arose.


They worked harder and were more competitive.


You need to find out what your unique talents and skills are. Then you need to put these to work so that you stand out.


This is what will get you noticed, and then promoted.


Developing a corporate development career path is not about doing a good job. It’s about doing an excellent job and utilizing your talents and skills so that you stand out from the others.


5.  The higher you go, the less opportunities are available – work harder!


It makes sense, doesn’t it? The higher you go in the company, the less senior positions are available.


This shouldn’t deter you from striving to gain one of those positions.


But it does mean you are going to have to work harder than ever before.


If you are serious about your corporate development career path it’s time to step up and prove to the seniors in your company you’ve got what it takes to function well in a higher position.


Spend some time reflecting on what you need to do to be considered for the next promotion.


Develop and practice the skills required so you are not left behind again, but instead step up into the position that you desire and deserve.


It’s up to you to shape and develop your corporate development career path, and you should start today.


Now, you know what you want and, now you know how to achieve it.


The opportunities are there; all you have to do is make sure you become the senior manager your company is looking for today.


And always remember:


Great managers are made. Not born.

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